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This dance was written by Adam Carlson for a dance he was calling with the Seattle band Tapsalteerie.  He also wrote another ricochet dance called Queen Bee which I don't happen to have...
Joe Micheals
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This doesn't look like a Becket dance, but rather simply improper, based on
what I'm reading.  Seems for this to work, your partner has to start across
the set from you.

warmest regards,

> Carlson Tapsalteerie                                Becket contra, improper
> Author unknown.
> A1          (8)            LL F&B
>               (8)            Gents Al-R  1½, pass P by L-Sh
> A2          (16)          Tapsalteerie Hey:
>                        Ladies cross  ½ hey, Gents push back
>                        Gents cross ½ hey, Ladies push back
> B1          (16)           P – B&Sw
> B2           (8)            Ladies Al-R  1½
>                (8)            N – Sw

I'm also curious as to how other's might walk this through.  Do the dancers
starting the hey each time have to make a wide loop while their partners are
"pushing back"?
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