[Callers] ricochet or push-back hey - Tapsalteerie

Tina Fields tfields8 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 19:12:14 PST 2010

Back in Feb 2008, Jean Francis said: 
"I am looking for some dances with push-back or ricochet heys. I have only found 
one... Heard of another called Tapsalterrie, but can't find."

As it so happens, I was searching the list for discussion about how to teach 
that very dance! So here it is:
Carlson Tapsalteerie                                Becket contra, improper
Author unknown. 

A1            (8)            LL F&B
               (8)            Gents Al-R  1½, pass P by L-Sh
A2            (16)            Tapsalteerie Hey: 
                        Ladies cross  ½ hey, Gents push back
                        Gents cross ½ hey, Ladies push back
B1            (16)            P – B&Sw
B2            (8)            Ladies Al-R  1½
                (8)            N – Sw

I tried calling it for the first time last week, and the mutual ricochet-hey 
proved challenging for dancers. Any suggestions for clear, efficient explanation 
of that move would be most appreciated.
also, does anyone know the author?
BTW, "Tapsalteerie" is Scots for "topsy-turvy. Great word, eh?
Jean, hope this can still do you some good. :-p


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