[Callers] Jeff's Gypsy

Paul Wilde zenyente at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 21:43:34 PDT 2010

Hey everyone,

Here is a dance I'd like to share with the hive.  Hope you enjoy it.

This dance is dedicated to the memory of Jeff Ratch, a great friend, dancer,
and human being.  He brought out the best of us in so many ways.

Jeff's Gypsy                               Duple Improper
  by Paul Wilde

A-1   1's Gypsy & Swing
A-2   1's in the center in a line of four down the hall,  (just 1's drop
hands)  (4 b.)
         2's hand cast 1's to change places  (1's  forward, 2's backing up).
     (4 b.)
         Return & fold the line into a circle (1's facing down).
               (8 b.)

B-1   Circle L 1x
         Pass Neighbor 1 by the R (1's down, 2's up) Gypsy L w/ next
Neighbor (N-2)
B-2   Return to Gypsy Neighbor 1 by the R, meltdown into a Swing

Dancers:  The gypsies are our connection in this dance.  Gypsy for all
you're worth.

Notes:  At the ends, don't cross over, but face your P as you would N-1 and
pass by the R to gypsy N-2 by the L.  Return to your P (still acting as
N-1), gypsy R, swing, and end facing back into line crossed over.  At the
top of the set, this allows you to do a 2nd gypsy & swing w/ your P, now
that you are the new 1's.

Keith Murphy's tune, "On the Danforth" seems to fit it ever so nicely.  Any
suggestions of other tunes that go well with it would be greatly
appreciated.   Ed. note suggests smooth jigs or reels at an easy tempo.
 (Thank you Lisa.)

It is a relaxed and somewhat fluid dance (I hope) that begs an easy tempo.
 It might work for a bit of a breather in a hot hall.  As a friend pointed
out, there's no physical connection during the gypsies, so a relaxed pace
keeps people from sliding around.

much love,
Paul Wilde

PS  I think the dance is gender free as called above.  Comments welcome.

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