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Hi All:


Chris Weiler wrote:

"I subscribe to the theory that if I need more than one walk thru, then 
 I'm calling a dance that is too difficult for the crowd. The main reason 
 that I might run a second walk thru is if there is a clump of beginners 
 and I need to get them progressed to new couples who can help them out. "


Aside from that good reason, whether or not I tailor my teaching to do 1 or 2 walkthroughs often depends on where I am calling and the expectations of the local dancers.  If I am calling at one of the zesty New England dance series (lots of hotshots, few beginners, fast-paced evening) I better have a darn good reason for any second walkthrough - the dancers expect one-and-done.  But if I am calling locally (NYC/NJ/PA) the same dance will get two walkthroughs so comments on timing, flow, or style tips can be added - the dancers are used to that.  I can always tell when a New England caller is touring through the area, as the locals are surprised early on by how fast the walkthroughs are.


Part of this difference is regional, but that doesn't always apply.  The best example is Glen Echo - on Fridays, which can have up to 100 new dancers, two walkthroughs are a very good idea; but the highly-experienced Sunday series is more one-and-done.  Another factor to consider is the frequency of the dance series - dancers tend to need more teaching at a monthly series than weekly ones.  As Greg mentioned, Santa Cruz has a lot of young/new dancers, but it's also a monthly series, so two are good there.  In contrast, a weekly mostly-experienced series such as Santa Barbara is a one walkthrough crowd.


Just curious - what are the dancer expectations where you call?



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