[Callers] traditional squares for contra dancers (and others)

Chip Hedler chiph at rumney.org
Wed Apr 21 15:50:12 PDT 2010

I don't call very many squares, but they've always been a part of the
northern New England dance tradition. Anyone who attended the amazing summer
dances in Fitzwilliam, NH called by Duke Miller will know about "Smoke on
the Water" and all the other squares that should be given equal standing as
New England chestnuts.

As for square dances with a range of challenge that have an absolutely
traditional feel, the Lloyd Shaw Foundation is a great source. Lloyd Shaw
may well have done for square dancing what Dudley Laufman and other New
Hampshire callers and musicians have done for contra dancing. The LSF has
resources online for all sorts of traditional dance--their square dance
listing is here: http://lloydshaw.org/Catalogue/Square_Index.htm

It's my good fortune to have a hardbound copy of Shaw's 1939 book Cowboy
Dancing but you can view that online as well at
http://www.traditionalmusic.co.uk/cowboy-dances/ -- probably something there
for everyone.

Chip Hedler

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