[Callers] Digestion and threads and curiousity

Chris Weiler (SW) chris at sharedweight.net
Mon Apr 19 04:31:32 PDT 2010

OK, I'm going to step in here as list administrator and say that Chrissy 
has got the right idea. Please trim your posts to only include 
information that makes it clear what you're talking about. It's the 
polite and respectful path in my eyes.

This not a hard and fast rule or policy. Rather a suggestion that we 
develop a culture of communication that allows the greatest number of 
people to participate comfortably.

Thank you all for your contributions and participation in this community.

Chris Weiler

Chrissy Fowler wrote:
> Hello all,
> -snip-
> Delete all past threads except those immediately relevant to your post. 
> -or- 
> Frame your response and its subject line such that it includes relevant context.

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