[Callers] Trip to Lambertville - 2 Questions

Jerome Grisanti jerome.grisanti at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 06:52:59 PST 2009

> Rickey Holt asked about the A2 of "Trip to Lambertville."

I prefer the version with a wave balance to a neighbor swing. For some male
dancers this transition may seem awkward because their right hand is in the
woman's right hand for the balance, but it has to travel to behind her back
for the swing.

A point of style that might be pointed out here: at the top of the balance,
right hands are connected, but in the middle of the balance the gent can
switch to his left hand in her right, while freeing his right hand for the
swing position. More easily demonstrated than explained, but that wavy line
to a balance will make more sense.

As Chris Weiler suggests in his note, "It's always good for the caller to
put style points out there, but not get too hung up on them being followed.
Some people are ready to hear them, but some aren't."


Jerome Grisanti

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