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Chip Hedler chiph at rumney.org
Wed Dec 16 13:40:24 PST 2009

Hi, Lindsay and everyone--

Sounds like those cubs got to take on entire dances before they were
truly ready. Might be interesting to double or even triple cubs like
them up during a single dance, maybe even just the first half, so they
can conference with each other or with a seasoned caller to enhance
the learning that happens. There could be other strategies for
"professional development" as well --- what if your dance series
required a cub to go to a workshop like David's before they could
qualify for prime time (as well as demonstrate that they were ready to
give the dancers what they need)? They might get ready a lot more

I think cub callers (with whom I still feel considerable affinity
despite my own slowly-accrued experience) need to do what earnest
aspiring public servants of other kinds do: take some time to think
about the various stakeholders involved, what it takes to meet those
stakeholders' needs, and how they (the cubs) need to prepare to fully
meet those needs. Yeah, that sounds pretty analytic (just noticed that
"anal" is part of "analytic!"---) but those needs revolve around an
incredibly rich shared experience of pleasure, so it shouldn't be too
painful for them to indulge in some constructive reflection.

Of course, if things have stayed the way you described for years,
trying to implement some developmental programming might threaten to
bruise some egos.  Guess what I would do in a situation like that
would be cook a lot of really great food, invite a buch of caring
stakeholders including the cubs, and have an open, non-judgemental
discussion of how the dance series is doing and why. After that, float
proposals for solutions to perceived problems and other ideas about
how to move the dance upward and nward.

Chip Hedler

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Our dance group brought along a group of half-a-dozen "cub callers" a few
years ago.

It was a bad thing.

After they got into the calling rotation at our weekly dance, they never
wanted to get off, of course.
Our really good callers got to call less often; the new callers only got to
call a dance once every 3 months, so they never got any better.  The dance
was plagued with inexperienced and not-very-great calling for years.

Sorry to offer problems without solutions, but this well-intentioned debacle
has stayed on my mind. Seem like this is the place to share the
"cub-callers" problem.

Lindsay Morris
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