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I use a set of little wooden people my husband made for me   - a red couple, yellow couple etc. / put eyes on them with a marker  so I know which direction they are moving in -   works great
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> Re: diagramming dances, Jerome suggested some terrific web
> flash, then wrote,
> > And of course, there's always salt and pepper
> shakers....
> then Alan responded,
> > I like coins.  (Different denominations for different
> numbers - pennies,
> nickels, dimes, quarters tells you who's who in a square,
> face-up or face-down
> for  gender, and you can have them face one way or the
> other.)
> Me, I like Extreme Visual, No-Tech style. My dirty secret
> is this: Smurfs. I borrowed a bunch of figurines from a
> friend, each of which sports a different-colored hat. I have
> male and female red, blue, and yellow hat couples. The
> fourth couple is a pair of green toy soldiers, with the one
> holding his gun up higher in the air designated as male. I
> walk them around through the dance, noting when each is
> facing her/his neighbor, etc., when the progression happens,
> and potential weird effects. It's goofy but it really works.
> Tina
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