[Callers] Help with a contra for newbies

Gillian Carney gillcarney at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 28 12:08:32 PDT 2009

Thanks Alan and Lark for the wonderful and positive feedback.

Incidentally, amused to see Cary Ravitz's name in the message following mine - his mother is one of my infrequent dancers who provided me with the loveliest quote. To paraphrase; three hours after the dance I was aching, but found it was my face that was aching because I was still smiling. This is the experience I am used to with my dance group, and the experience I want to bring to the estates contra.

In refering to "real contra", I meant keeping away from set dance or ceili/ceilidh type barn dances which I also call. Nothing against them, but want to emphasize contra. I will be repeating the first session as the second session, and think I can build up to a (one) longways duple improper. But, Alan, thank you so very much for the dances you included.You gave me a lot to consider.

A band member gave me a copy of Good Morning last night, and the estates are working on getting me copies of programmes from dances Ford would have attended. But, I didn't like feeling pushed for time in getting a programme like this together, which is why I asked for help from the list - and I'm glad I did. Thanks, and wish me luck!

Gillian Carney

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