[Callers] emerging artists

Mortland, Jo j-mortland at neiu.edu
Fri Aug 28 12:07:35 PDT 2009

This is a fairly new dance, just written in June.  I've called it twice,
and people like it very much.  Callers ask me for it afterwards.

It has two quirks, which need to be explained at the beginning.  One is
that it is a reverse progression dance.  The ones progress up the hall,
the twos progress down.

The other is that when you and your partner progress out of the line,
during A2, you will naturally swing each other at the end of the line.
After you swing, while you are waiting to get back into the dance, the
lady needs to be on the gent's LEFT.

Duple Improper
Jo Mortland, 2009

	Begin in wavy lines of four, ones facing down, twos facing up,
women holding left hands, everyone's neighbor is in 	their right hand

A1	Balance right and left, slide right
	Balance left and right, slide left (as in Rory O'Moore)

A2	with neighbor, allemande right half way and walk forward to the
next neighbor (progression is here)

B1	Circle left 3 places
	Partner swing on the side of the set

B2	Circle left 3 places
	With neighbor (the one you swung) do si do to wavy lines of four

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