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Great observation on the end effects.  Thanks. 

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Rich -- 

I like it a lot.  With something strongly-phrased, should be very satisfying. 

You write: 

> This one is hot off the presses.  Would appreciate feedback.  
>Plan to debut this Saturday in Portland. 

Okay, feedback: 

> Need to swap quickly on the ends to come back in (unless the lines are uneven) 

I think the end effects are more (or arguably less) complicated, although I may 
have confused  myself. 

  - If you meet your partner in the weave (as second neighbor), pass by the 
    left, swing the next, and you won't be out at the end at all.  (That is, 
    partners pass across the set at the end.) 

  - If you weave past 2 and the third one is your partner, you swing,  open up 
    facing the line, and then you're out and come in 2 bars into A1, when the 
    next neighbor comes to you. 

I _think_ that if you have an even number of couples, nobody's ever out, and 
if you have an odd number, you'll alternate having one out at the top and one 
out at the bottom. 

Anyway, because the progression was at the beginning, there's no hurried swap. 
If you have to do anything right away, you're already in place for it. 

-- Alan 

> Loose Marbles  by Rich Goss    improper contra 

> double progression 

> A1:  Pass current N by right, next N by left, swing N #3 

> A2: Ladies alle right 1 1/2 (to face partner), 1/2 hey (pass ptr left sh) 

> B1: Partner Bal and Sw 

> B2: Ladies chain, Bal ring, roll away partner across set (to trade places) 

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