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I have a few dances you may like.  The first dance is a somewhat new dance that has been well received.  I have only composed a couple dozen dances (many are on my web site) but this one I think is especially nice.  Written May 28, 2006 at the Seattle Northwest Folklife Festival, and named "A Sizzlin' Seattle".  Hope you like it.
A Sizzlin' Seattle - Dave Colestock
3 Swing, Double Progression

A1  Circle Left 3/4
       Pass thru (to New Neighbors)
       Swing the New Neighbor

A2  B&S the Next Neighbor

B1  Gents AL 1 1/2
       Swing Partner

B2  LL F&B
       Pass Thru Across the Set
       CA Twirl with Partner (keep hands joined for the circle left in A1)

And another dance - this one uses a Men's Chain:
Men in Plaid - Dave Colestock - 01/12/2006    

A1  LL F&B
       Swing your Neighbor

A2  Gentlemen Chain Across
       Gentlemen Allemande Left Twice Around

B1  Balance and Swing Partner

B2  Right & Left Thru
       Ladies Chain Across

Dance written at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater in
Lancaster, PA at the dinner show of "Forever Plaid".
Dave Colestock
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Hi all,
In January, the NYC contra is holding a dance themed around "emerging
artists".  I will be calling to Stunt Double (Laurie Tupper, Christopher
Jacoby, Dave Casserly, Julie Vallimont).  It should be a great dance.

Anyway, in keeping with the theme, I would like to call some dances by
"emerging" choreographers.  I'm currently looking for dances that fit this
loose description -  "emerging" can really be defined however you want.  So,
if you know of dances that you like that you think fit the bill, let me
know!  Also let me know if the dances have been called before or still need
to be given a trial run.

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