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Jeff Kaufman cbr at sccs.swarthmore.edu
Tue Aug 25 15:05:59 PDT 2009

Bronwyn Woods wrote:
> In January, the NYC contra is holding a dance themed around
> "emerging artists".  I will be calling to Stunt Double (Laurie
> Tupper, Christopher Jacoby, Dave Casserly, Julie Vallimont).  It
> should be a great dance.

That does sound like a good dance.

> Anyway, in keeping with the theme, I would like to call some dances
> by "emerging" choreographers.  I'm currently looking for dances that
> fit this loose description - "emerging" can really be defined
> however you want.  So, if you know of dances that you like that you
> think fit the bill, let me know!  Also let me know if the dances
> have been called before or still need to be given a trial run.

I looked over my dances to see if any of them might be a fit, and was
really suprised about how busy and novelty-focused they were.  The one
I thought I liked best and was going to suggest:

  Contra Dance
  Good Morning Mr. Sanders
  By Jeff Kaufman (10/06, 1/07)

  A1 (16) Balance ring, petronella turn, spinning into neighbor swing 

  A2 (8) Long lines forward and back
     (8) Star left on to the next 

  B1 (8) Right hand star
     (8) Swinging star (right hand star with left hands joined across). 

  B2 (8) Men drop out on their home side, women keep swinging in the
     (8) Partner swing

The whole thing is too spinny and swingy: there's 36 counts of
swinging in the 64 beat dance.  The swinging star is more novelty than
this dance needs.  The men need to drop out on the correct side or
they're not going to progress properly.

You may have prompted me to sit down and write some better ones.

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