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Hi. This is Janet Levatin, from Boston. Even though I'm not a caller,  
I joined this list because I like the idea of being a caller. This is  
the dance as I wrote it. It got called here in New England 2 or 3  
times, but became popular in other places, mostly, I think, because  
Seth Tepfer saw it and liked it and has spread it around.



California Twirlin' by Janet Levatin,  3/2007

             Duple improper

A1:  Balance the ring

             Partner California Twirl and face back in

             Balance the ring

             Neighbor California Twirl and face back in

A2:  Balance the ring

             Partner California Twirl and face new neighbors

             Swing this new neighbor

B1:  Circle left 3/4

             Partner swing

B2:  Ladies chain with courtesy turn (or another California twirl)

             Long lines forward and on the way back…

             Neighbor roll away with half sashay: women rolling left

Double progression variation:

B2: omit roll away, start dance with next neighbors

The thing that is different about this dance is that you face back in to

your current group of four after the first two California twirls

instead of facing away as you usually do after a California twirl. As a

teaching point, you can tell the dancers to use their joined hands to

generate a bit of leverage to propel each other back in towards their

group of four. Some dancers will want to add a full circle twirl as a

flourish. The impetus for this can be generated by using those joined

hands to propel each other.

On Aug 31, 2009, at 9:50 PM, lynn ackerson wrote:

> The dance "California Twirlin'" has been travelling all over the  
> country. I've seen multiple versions of the B2, and I've seen the  
> author's name spelled multiple ways. It's something like Janet  
> Leviton or Levinson. Does anyone know Janet? I'd love to get the  
> correct spelling of her name, and her version of the dance.
>    Thanks,
>         Lynn
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