[Callers] emerging artists / Dave Colestock dances

Tina Fields tfields8 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 25 20:46:52 PDT 2009

Two questions for Dave Colestock's dances, which look like fun:

A Sizzlin' Seattle has the Gents Allemande 1-1/2 - with which hand? Left?

Men in Plaid has a Gent's Chain. With which hand is this typically done? Gents pull by R as ladies do, or by L?  I just called a dance this weekend with this move, and a discussion with the male dancers about this both ahead of time and afterwards yielded mostly that they're unaccustomed to the move. The dance I called had this chain followed by a 1/2 hey, and one thing that is clear is that they have to be congruent (e.g., gents chain by L --> gents pass by L to start the hey). 

Thanks, folks!

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