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Thank you all for your feedback :-)

The overwhelming opinion is that the R hand allemande is more natural.

I think it's in part a circle L versus circle R kinda thing, where one
is more comfortable because it's done more and folks know how to make
it smooth. I also think it's a really small effect, and that dancer
comfort is an important consideration.

It's been pointed out to me that the sample dance I put up is very
close to Contraindicated by Peter Stix (replace the allemande with a
do-si-do, thus sidestepping the issue). The sample dance was actually
a simplification to just address the lines->allemande transition. The
dance I'm was working on that brought it up:

They're a right bunch of dancers
Circle L 3/4, gents lead out to the left; zig and zag the set to new couples
Circle R 3/4
ladies 1/2 chain
long lines fwd & back
ladies allemande R 1 1/2 to ptr
ptr bal & swg

Which I wrote to end with a partner balance and swing (something I
like to close a set with).

Thanks again for all the feedback and information.

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 4:59 PM, Luke Donev<luke.donev at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm sitting at home writing a contra (they get in my head and won't
> leave me alone till I write them down). I unfortunately don't have a
> closet full of dancers to pull out and test things on, but I've got a
> question about flow.
> When the ladies are standing to the right of their neighbor on the
> side of the set, facing their partner,  and are going to allemande
> over to their partner for a balance and swing, should it be an
> allemande Right or Left? I feel like the R is more traditional for
> ladies, but an allemande L would leave their R hand free for a
> smoother transition to a balance and swing (I feel lead's L, follow's
> R is a better 1 hand balance to go into a swing with than lead's R,
> follow's L).
> To put it in context, consider the following dance:
> Sample dance 1, Improper
> A1: N bal & swg
> A2: long lines, fwd & back
>      Ladies Allmnd L 1+ to partner
> B1: ptr bal & swg
> B2: ladies 1/2 chain
>      star L 1x, on to next
> I think the ladies should allemande L there, but I'd be curious what
> other people think of the flow.
> If it was something like going to a R hand R hand balance for a box
> the gnat, it would seem to force the issue, but it seems more open
> when it's just going into a swing. Preferences? Thoughts?
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Luke Donev
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