[Callers] New dances

Walter walterdaves at windstream.net
Tue Aug 25 17:27:23 PDT 2009

Hi, Bronwyn,

Here are three dances you might consider

Yes We Can!      duple Improper      Walter Daves

A1:  Long lines forward and back; (8)  W/ neighbor, roll away to a 
circle of 4 (Woman roll to right in front of gent, Gent slide to left;  
immediately reach across set to partner to make the circle); (4)   
Balance the circle (4)
A2:  W/Partner roll away across the set to a circle of 4 (4) , balance 
the circle;  (4) Gents do-si-do 1.5 to partner (8)
B1:  Partner balance and swing (16)
B2:  Circle left 3 places; (8)  Neighbor swing (8)

Here's another, written several years ago, and slightly modified by Bob 

Nail that Catfish to a Tree      duple improper      Walter Daves
(inspired by the tune of the same name by Steve Rosen)

A1:  In circle of 4, balance the circle; (4)  circle 2 places to the 
left; (4)   balance the circle; (4)  circle left 2 places (4)
A2:  # 1 couple balance and swing (16)
B1:  Neighbor do-si-do; (8)  neighbor swing. (8)  End swing facing down 
the set
B2:  Down the hall 4 in line,(4+)  turn single, (2)  return, (4+)  # 2 
couple arch, # 1 couple duck thru to next (4) 
Note:  need to hurry bac

Little Nell   duple improper   Walter Daves
(Inspired by the tune of that name, by Tony Mates)

Start:  Right hand to neighbor, women take left hands in wavy line across
A1:  Balance the wave; (4)  Allemande right half way, (4)  balance the 
wave (4);  Gents allemande left half way, to partner (4)
A2:  Partner balance and swing (16)
B1:  Women allemande right 1.5 to neighbor, (8)  neighbor swing, end 
swing in circle of 4 (8)
B2:  Balance the circle; (4) W/ partner, roll away across the set; (4)  
balance the circle, (4) pass thru to next (4)

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