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The dance is January 16.  I hope to see you there!

On topic, I've pasted all of Nathaniel's dances below, with his comments,
for those of you who'd like to see them.


American Gothic Duple imp.
A1 8 Mad Robin (men start outside, women inside)
8 Women Al L 1½, keep left hands and pick up partner
A2 8 Star promenade ½ (women inside), whirl
8 Men start ½ hay R
B1 16 Partner Bal + Swing
B2 8 LL F+B
8 Circle L ¾, pull by up and down to new neighbors

The second dance I wrote was loon on the lake. It had some flow problems and
so there's now a version 2. I don't keep version 1 around anymore, because I
don't think it's worth dancing, so make sure you're up to date! The only
thing I wish was different is I'd like the orbit to go straight into a swing
(with no balance) but 16 beats of swing alone is too much I think.

Loon on the Lake v. 2 Becket L
A1 8 Circle L ¾
8 Neighbor Swing
A2 8 LL F+B
8 Star L 1ce
B1 8 New women ½ hay L (men loop right to join, passing partner R)
8 Women Al L 1ce, men walk around clockwise ½ way around to home side
B2 16 Partner Bal + Swing

Named after my old Morris team, the high-school age team led by Tom Kruskal.
This is not a great dance in my oppinion, but I wrote it so here it is. It's
ok, I guess. The *'s below are because my card had "left" in those places,
but while typing it up I though it made the dance a little to weavy and
pushed the timing a little, so they're rights now. Do it whichever way you
like better.

Great Meadows Becket R
A1 2,6 Men pass L, Neighbor Al L 1ce (Susie Q?)
2,6 Men pass R, Partner Al R 1½
A2 4 On Right Diagonal : Women pass R*
12 New Neighbor Swing, face across
B1 8 Women Al R 1½
8 Shadow Gypsy R* 1½
B2 16 Partner Bal + Swing

My breakout dance! The first time I heard someone I didn't know and didn't
personally give the dances to call a dance I wrote was when Nils Fredland
called Dead Cat Bounce at the Cambridge VFW (how I miss it). It's named
after my high-school Jazz ensamble leader's band, which is in turn named
after the economics term.

Dead Cat Bounce Duple Imp.
A1 16 Neighbor Bal + Swing
A2 4 Men Al L ½
4 Partner Al right 1ce
8 Men start ½ hay L, women ricochet (push off the hands of the other woman
to move back and to the right)
B1 8 Circle left ¾
8 Partner Swing
B2 8 LL F+B
8 Women Gypsy R 1½ to new neighbors

Who doesn't like pirates? Not me. This dance was meant to be as raucous as I
could make it, filled with stomping, spinning and swinging. It's fun.

A Pirate’s Life for Me Duple Imp.
A1 16 Neighbor Bal + Swing
A2 4,4 Pass though to a wave (pass the ocean), Balance
4,4 Spin right, men pass 2 and Al L 1ce to partner.
B1 16 Partner Bal + Swing
B2 8 Ladies dos `a dos 1½
8 Neighbor gypsy 1+ to new neighbor

This dance is actually named after an episode of Cowboy Bebop, which I think
is named after a Jazz tune or something. I called a dance this so that if I
published a collection of dances I wrote while I was a minor (these were all
written while I was 16 or 17) I could call it "speak like a child" because I
thought it was a good phrase. I guess this note is now "speak like a child".

Speak Like a Child Duple Imp.
A1 8 Men Al R 1½, back out to ring of 4
8 Circle left ¾
A2 4 Women roll your neighbor away up and down the set.
12 Neighbor Swing
B1 8 Women Al right 1½
8 Partner Swing
B2 8 Ladies Chain across
8 Star L 1ce

Need I ask again who doesn't like pirates? I was on a bit of a kick.

Walk the Plank Duple Imp.
A1 4,4 Neighbor balance, Al right ¾
8 Men Al left 1½
A2 16 Partner Bal + Swing, end facing down
B1 8 Down the hall in lines of 4, turn alone
8 Come back up, bend the line to a circle
B2 8 Balance the ring, spin right one place
8 Star left 1ce around.

This dance is named after, and actually written to a song by Flogging Molly
by the same name. You can't really dance it to the recording, but if you
wanted to listen to it it's pretty clear what the A and the B are and I
suppose one could learn to play them and do so for this dance. That would
make me pretty happy, especially because I don't expect anyone to do it.h

Selfish Man Duple Imp.
A1 8 Balance the ring, spin right, face away from your partner up and down
8 Shadow Gypsy, come back to your original rings
A2 8 Balance the ring, spin right
8 LL F+B
B1 8 Men gypsy 1½
8 Partner Swing
B2 8 Give + Take to the men’s side
8 Neighbor swing, turn away to a new ring of 4

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 6:31 PM, Richard Allen Fischer <
richardallenfischer at verizon.net> wrote:

> Hi Bronwyn,
> What's the date of the NYC dance?  Sounds like it will be great!
> I like A Pirate's Life for Me by Nathaniel Jack:
> A1  BSN
> A2  Pass thru to wave; balance the wave; Rory O'More spin right, but men
> pass two; men catch left hands and allemande left once
> B1  BSP
> B2  Women DSD 1 1/2; gypsy N (about) once and progress to new N
> Richard
> On Aug 25, 2009, at 5:20 PM, Bronwyn Woods wrote:
>  Hi all,
>> In January, the NYC contra is holding a dance themed around "emerging
>> artists".  I will be calling to Stunt Double (Laurie Tupper, Christopher
>> Jacoby, Dave Casserly, Julie Vallimont).  It should be a great dance.
>> Anyway, in keeping with the theme, I would like to call some dances by
>> "emerging" choreographers.  I'm currently looking for dances that fit this
>> loose description -  "emerging" can really be defined however you want.
>>  So,
>> if you know of dances that you like that you think fit the bill, let me
>> know!  Also let me know if the dances have been called before or still
>> need
>> to be given a trial run.
>> Thanks,
>> Bronwyn
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