[Callers] question about flow and feel

Luke Donev luke.donev at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 13:59:00 PDT 2009

Hello all,

I'm sitting at home writing a contra (they get in my head and won't
leave me alone till I write them down). I unfortunately don't have a
closet full of dancers to pull out and test things on, but I've got a
question about flow.

When the ladies are standing to the right of their neighbor on the
side of the set, facing their partner,  and are going to allemande
over to their partner for a balance and swing, should it be an
allemande Right or Left? I feel like the R is more traditional for
ladies, but an allemande L would leave their R hand free for a
smoother transition to a balance and swing (I feel lead's L, follow's
R is a better 1 hand balance to go into a swing with than lead's R,
follow's L).

To put it in context, consider the following dance:
Sample dance 1, Improper
A1: N bal & swg
A2: long lines, fwd & back
      Ladies Allmnd L 1+ to partner
B1: ptr bal & swg
B2: ladies 1/2 chain
      star L 1x, on to next

I think the ladies should allemande L there, but I'd be curious what
other people think of the flow.

If it was something like going to a R hand R hand balance for a box
the gnat, it would seem to force the issue, but it seems more open
when it's just going into a swing. Preferences? Thoughts?

Luke Donev
Luke.Donev at gmail.com

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