[Callers] Dance for Tune? Shenandoah Falls

Amy Cann ACann at putneyschool.org
Fri Aug 21 13:49:57 PDT 2009

Hmmmm. Who's playing Shenandoah Falls, different groups at different
events or always the same group?
I've played that tune many times and called to it as well, and don't
recall any issues.
Tell us more?

Caller's discussion list <callers at sharedweight.net> writes:
>Hello all,
>I've noticed on more than one occasion when Sheandoah Falls has turned up
>a medley that the B-part of the dance falls apart (as in things not
>happening in the right rhythm) and I have to call constantly until the
>changes. I've seen this with more than one dance. The phrasing in the
>of that tune is a bit different from standard. Does anyone have a
>of a dance that might fit well with that tune? (and/or can you think of
>other tunes with similar phrasing in the B-part? Could be it's just not a
>good standard medley tune for dancing..)
>What do you think?
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