[Callers] Dance for Tune? Shenandoah Falls

Cynthia Phinney cynth at gwi.net
Fri Aug 21 06:40:36 PDT 2009

Hello all,


I've noticed on more than one occasion when Sheandoah Falls has turned up in
a medley that the B-part of the dance falls apart (as in things not
happening in the right rhythm) and I have to call constantly until the tune
changes. I've seen this with more than one dance. The phrasing in the B-part
of that tune is a bit different from standard. Does anyone have a suggestion
of a dance that might fit well with that tune? (and/or can you think of
other tunes with similar phrasing in the B-part? Could be it's just not a
good standard medley tune for dancing..)


What do you think?



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