[Callers] How do you handle little arches/big people traffic jams?

Jerome Grisanti jerome.grisanti at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 14:29:57 PDT 2009


I explain that we can make drawbridges when people in the middle are tall,
and demonstrate. They catch on pretty quickly. Often an adult in the line
will call out "drawbridge!" if little ones are creating a regular arch.


> I'm curious:
> Family dance callers, how do you handle the dances in which:
> -- everyone goes through an arch (or the arch is brought over folks'
> heads) at some point
> -- and you get an arch made by two toddlers (aren't they CUTE???!) with a
> whole bunch of grownups sqeeeeezing through it
> -- while the band plays the B part for the 7th time
> -- and the other sets are all done and rarin' to go?
> (it always happens in the set with the person who hired you, and the cute
> toddlers are always their grandkids, have you noticed?)
> Cheers,
> Amy

Jerome Grisanti

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