[Callers] Keepin family dancers to the measures

Nancy Turner nancyturner at madriver.com
Wed Aug 5 17:52:34 PDT 2009

Here is a question I've mulled over and I'm curious to know what  
others practice. Do you always try to keep family dancers in time  
with the music? Most of the family dances I've called have had a mix  
of young children 4 and up and their parents; so it is this type of  
crowd that I'm thinking of when I ask this question.

Rather than split longways sets into 6-8 couples, I've let them run  
longer. The dancers need more time to complete the figures due to the  
length of the sets and I get them going with the next figure at the  
start of the next A or B. The plus is that we don't have to worry  
about rushing, but I find that this requires me to call the entire  
time as the dancers don't have the music as the cue.

I've played a bit with tempo. Slowing it way down does allow even  
young dancers to complete the moves in sync, but I have found a  
corresponding loss of energy from the slow tempo.


Nancy Turner
Waitsfield VT

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