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Luke Donev luke.donev at gmail.com
Sat Aug 1 18:55:18 PDT 2009

Hello all,

Thanks for the wonderful feedback, both on and off list. Very helpful and

The wedding and reception went very well. I forgot one of the cardinal rules
of weddings, which is that they always run late. I didn't do nearly as many
contras as I'd originally blocked out, and ended up with just three. I left
them all Becket dances (since the last one had to be), and had a simpler
first contra without a 1s and 2s distinction, and where it didn't matter
what how you ended the swing

Pluck It (easy Becket)
A1: C L, C R
A2: S R, S L
B1: P DSD, P swg
B2: N DSD, LL yearn left

The new dancers seemed very comfortable with slide left type transitions for
dances, and not having to cross over at the ends simplified things as well.

The other simple dance went over well. Easy for new folks as it's the same
set of moves twice. I collected it recently at Falcon Ridge, but I don't
know the name or author. Any help?

A1 : C L 3/4, N DSD
A2: N Bal & Swg
B1: C L 3/4, P DSD
B2: P Bal & Swg
slide on to next couple

By the final contra (Star Trek), we still had a fair number of new folks,
and they gamely tried the hay, and by and large they did alright with it.
The "find your partner and swing them" end of it helped a lot.

Thanks again for the feedback and pointers.

Luke Donev
Luke.Donev at gmail.com

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