[Callers] Wedding dances

Amy Cann ACann at putneyschool.org
Sat Aug 1 18:17:40 PDT 2009

OK, I just have to chime in (haven't posted here in AGES)

I'm getting married next week, and I have NO IDEA what the caller is going
to call. That's HIS job.

I hired David Millstone and told him to do what will make the most people
happy and comfortable.

It's probably going to turn out to be the smartest bit of
non-micromanaging I will ever do in my LIFE.

Of course, I'm obsessing about everything ELSE...

PS if you know me and have known about this wedding for ages and think you
should be at this wedding and haven't gotten an official pretty paper
invitation, it's because we used up all of the snailmail ones on the kind
of relatives you have to invite even though you know they're not going to
come anyway. My dance friends are all going to have to make do with a
scanned-in pdf of the invite card and a link to the website. Watch your
inbox for an email in the next 12 hours, and if something STILL doesn't
show up it's because I'm an idiot. ( I SO identify with Sleeping Beauty's
mother, who forgot to invite one of the fairies to the christening and
ended up getting her daughter cursed.) Hell, I almost left Bob McQUILLAN
off the list!  Email me if you wanna come and I'll get you the details.
Dave Bateman, are you out here? I don't have a good address for you
anymore, your invite bounced.

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