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A)  Many simple contra dances can be done repeatedly by four people,  
by shifting the orientation 90 degrees each time, and making your  
partner your next neighbor each time. For example, if a dance starts  
with Balance and swing your neighbor, and ends with Pass thru to a  
new neighbor, just pass thru after the first time thru, face your  
partner (your new neighbor) and repeat!

B)  About two years ago two sixth graders, one from Princeton, NJ,  
one from Berea, KY, made up a nice dance for *one couple*:

A1  Lead up a double and back; lead up a double and cast down to face  
each other
A2  Set to partner and turn single; dosido
B1  Balance and swing partner (end facing up)

It's a 24 measure dance and we had fun dancing it to Money Musk on  
the Contra Chestnuts cd.

(I'm not neglecting the author's names. I'm sure they'd like the  
dance shared, but I need to check with parents before sending out  
their names.)


On Aug 12, 2008, at 3:09 PM, <gtwood at worldpath.net>  
<gtwood at worldpath.net> wrote:

> Greetings
> This weekend past, I made my annual pilgramage to Gorham NH
> to call the dance at Chapel Arts Center...
> We had a great time for the first hr. We actually danced some easier
> contras! As the evening progressed we lost some dancers, who had other
> plans and still others who wanted to sit in with the band...
> LSS by 9:30 there were 3-4 people dancing (myself included)
> I made up some dances "on the fly" but soon the dances seemed to
> resemble the previous "dance" We did some couple dances but the band
> wanted to play Jigs and Reels. We danced LaBastrange with 6 people  
> (wich
> was interesting!and fast!)
> My Q is: are there dances, created for just such situations (3-4  
> dancers)?
> Once again, Gorham was a learning experiance!
> Thanks
> See ya Dancing
> Gale
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