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I LOVE this dance!  I've danced it several times and remember it well,
though I have not personally called it.  It's a favorite of the Ann Arbor
(MI) English Country dance community.

K&E by Pat Shaw- formation Double Becket
1's are in the middle and progress down, 2's are on the ends and progress up

A1: 1's split the 2's, cast back to place, end facing the other 1's(8)
   1's only- Right hand star, back to your 2's (8)
A2: 2's split the ones and cast back to place (8)
Same four (1's w/ 2's): Left hand star (8)
B1: 1's only- Ladies chain with power turn - face out (8)
Ones with the twos: Ladies chain (8)
B2: Same four: Circle left ? (8)
1's Circle left ? and move down a little while 2's Swing
and move up (8)

I believe the formation is more often known as "Vermont Tempest"
formation.  You can also think of it (if you're a good New Englander ;-) as
"Cribbage board" progression--"Up the outside, down the inside."  "Double
Becket" may be misleading, because the "half" of the set on the caller's
right is progressing clockwise while the "half" of the set on the caller's
left is progressing counter-clockwise.

Okay, that's gotta have been even more confusing than you're used to.  Try
the "diagram" version of the Progression (Please look at this in Courier or
another fixed-width font):

Dance Turn 1:
2M   1L     3M   4L
2L   1M     3L   4M

6M   5L     7M   8L
6L   5M     7L   8M

Dance Turn 2:
  2L 2M       4L 4M (Out)

6M   1L     3M   8L
6L   1M     3L   8M

  5M 5L       7M 7L (Out)

Dance Turn 3:
6M   2L     4M   8L
6L   2M     4L   8M

5M   1L     3M   7L
5L   1M     3L   7M

... Got it? Good.  (Cue Danny Kaye ...)

Next question: splitting & casting off.  The dance starts with "insides"
(your description's 1s) facing (as couples) their respective "outsides"
(your description's 2s).  You could say the "insides" are dancing the path
of a mirror do-si-do--but the "outsides" just get out of the way instead of
fully participating, and the "insides" are always moving forward.  In other
words, the "insides" dance forward shoulder-to-shoulder, the "ousides" move
apart from each other, then (*behind* or outside the "outsides") the
"insides" turn away from each other, around their respective "outsides"
(gent 'round lady, lady 'round gent) and dance back into the middle to face
the other "inside" couple.

The A2 Left-hand Star is VERY IMPORTANT.  The "inside" ladies must keep in
mind that they are looking in the B1 to chain across with the other "inside"
lady--this means they actually want to start chaining when they have only
starred about 3/4.

Power turn: another great invention.  It's simply a courtesy
turn+180degrees.  Inside Gent takes the "inside neighbor" lady in courtesy
turn position and they guide each other around as per usual to face the
opposite couple--and PAST that position they keep turning until their backs
are to the opposite couple (their partners), and, in this case, facing the
"outsides".  Note that the "inside" ladies are now with their "inside
neighbor" gents and about to chain AWAY from them to an "outside neighbor"
gent.  Don't worry, the circles will get you back with your partner.

The Circle Ls are both 3/4--i.e. until the "insides" are back on the inside
of the set and can whirl around to take Circle L hands-4 with their

I'm happy to mail you (USPS) a full diagram of the dance if this isn't
enough.  Or if there's a place on the list where I could upload a scan,
that's okay, too.

It's an awesome dance!  Have fun!

Lark Speyer

"In this case, we may waive formalities. We really haven't time. This is
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people, and in some other country."
-- Willa Cather, _The Song of the Lark_

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