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   <Would you mind sharing some of these dances,>
   Be glad to -- here they are:
       Haste to the Wedding  (contra duple proper or circle)
   A1    4    Circle left
           4    Circle right
   A2    4    Right hand star
           4    Left hand star
   B1    4    Partner Do-si-do
           4    Clap 2x;  Two hand turn
   B2    4    Neighbor Do-si-do
           4    Clap 2x;  Walk on by  (right shoulders)
       Jefferson & Liberty - 1      contre proper duple
   A1    8    Circle left
           8    Circle right
   A2    8    Right hand star
           8    Left hand star
   B1    16    Ones Down Outside & Back (between twos)
   B2    8    Four hands down
           8    Ones Arch (back up) & pull Twos thru (move up)
       Jefferson & Liberty - 2    contre Improper duple
   A1    8    Circle left
           8    Circle right
   A2    8    Right hand star
           8    Left hand star
   B1    8    Ones Down Ctr
           8    Back and Cast Off  (with twos, going one below)
   B2    16    Right and Left through, over and back*
                  (* not a beginner figure but a comfortable place to
   teach it if they've done J&L1)
       Broken Sixpence         contre Improper duple   (by Don Armstrong)
   A1    8    Neighbors - Do-si-do
           8    Ladies - Do-si-do
   A2    8    Men - Do-si-do
           8    Ones - Two hand turn
   B1    8    Four Hands Down  (ones between twos)
           8    Turn single;  Back to place
   B2    8    Bend the Line - Circle Left
           8    Left Hand Star    (prog 1s below 2s - remember which side
   you're on*)
                   (*for women dancing men's side, more a problem with
   lots of women)
            The Carding        Quebec quadrille for as many as will
   (refers to carding of wool)  (from Dudley Laufman's "Sweets of May"
   (note: music is 4 1/2 x through a regular reel. Something lively with a
   strong rhythm for the stamps. Not too fast for beginners. Faster for
   experienced is fun.)
   In "square" formation, one or two couples per side. Doesn't have to be
   even number anywhere. Single person can easily dance with ghost
   partner. Pattern of Heads do figure, then Sides do figure, back to
   Heads, etc.
   Starts with
   CHORUS - CARDING: Heads Card //  then Sides Card:    (face partner,
   sashay/side slips)
        4-4    In-2-3-stamp / Out-2-3-stamp
       8    Cross over (sashay across)
       4-4-8    In - Out - Cross back
   Verse1   8-8     Heads Circle Left / Circle Right   //  Sides ...
       Chorus:  8-8-16    Heads Card  //  Sides Card
   Verse2   8-8    Heads Right hand Star/ Left hand Star // Sides ...
       Chorus:  8-8-16    Heads Card //  Sides Card
   V3    8-8    All Circle Left / Circle Right   ("face partner" at end so
   ready for..)
           4-4-4-4    All (sashay) In-2-3-stamp / Out-2-3-stamp.   That
   again  (strong Stamp on final beat).
   Notes: Couples have to pass by when sashaying across, so when setting
   up, look across at opposites. If same number of couples on both sides,
   all step one step to their own right, and see that space to their opps
   right where they will go. If two cpls on one side and one on the other,
   the one cpl go between the two, so the two step away from each other a
   step to make room.
   Point out need to face partner at end of V3 so they're ready to all
   Sashay In... If they're slow going they'll probably end In the circle
   instead of out, which isn't a big problem.
          Sue Robishaw


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