[Callers] United We Dance - final transition

Bob Isaacs isaacsbob at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 10 04:39:11 PDT 2008

To All;
On the transition, I don't have much to add beyond Bob's and Jack's good advice - indeed, I use many of Bob's words when teaching it.  When calling it, I make sure to use some leading patter early on for the ladies chain to get them on time.  The star into the wave is tight, and any late groups may miss the first balance but perhaps reach for the wrong R hand.
This dance was written on 9/12/01, which explains the title.  As for Mark's comment about other dances, the one that inpsired this was written a month before;
Links in the Chain      Improper - long waves (same as UWD)
A1.  Balance, neighbor allemande R, 1/2 hey (LL, PR, GL, -)
A2.  Neighbor balance, swing  (or gypsy and swing)
B1.  Gents allemande L 1 1/2, partner swing
B2.  Ladies chain, star L into long waves
Bob Isaacs> From: holt.e at comcast.net> To: callers at sharedweight.net> Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 15:37:20 -0400> Subject: [Callers] United We Dance - final transition> > Hi,> > In “United We Dance”, by Bob Isaacs, I am curious how you tell people to> re-form the long wavy lines after the star in B2, to continue the dance. To> set up these lines from an improper formation before the dance starts it> seems sufficient to me just to tell the men to turn and face out and take> their neighbor’s right in their right. It is the transition from the star> left that ends the dance to that long wavy line that puzzles me some – for> the women. It seems that the men can naturally end that star facing out,> but it seems that the women will end that star also facing out and will need> to take an extra turn to face in to set up that long wavy line for the> continuation of the dance. How do you tell folks to make this transition?> Other comments are, of course welcome, but it is this transition that, for> the women, I am wondering about. The full dance is below. Thanks,> > Rickey Holt,> > Fremont> > Starting formation: “Right hand long wave with neighbor”. I take this to> mean two such waves, down the sides.> > (A1) Balance and ROM slide Right / Balance and ROM slide Left> > (A2) Balance and swing Neighbor> > (B1) Circle left ¾ / Swing Partner> > (B2) Ladies Chain / Star Left.> > > > _______________________________________________> Callers mailing list> Callers at sharedweight.net> http://www.sharedweight.net/mailman/listinfo/callers
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