[Callers] Callers Digest, Vol 42, Issue 8

Jane Ewing contradance at charter.net
Thu Feb 7 09:42:05 PST 2008

I offer my dance from several years ago. I find that dancers enjoy it.

HUNTSVILLE'S QUEEN BEE         By Jane Ewing 2002

        Duple Improper

A1    Neighbor See-Saw

      Neighbor Almd Left 1 ½

A2    Queen Bee Hey

B1    Ladies pull by the right

      Partner Swing

B2    Ladies Chain

      Left Hand Star

Queen Bee Hey: Ladies do their traditional part in a hey for 4 - start by 

right shoulders.As the Ladies pass the Gent(Partner) by the left shoulder 
the gents

head for the middle of the set. They approach each other with palms facing

the other gent. They push off by the palms and go back to place. They will

notice that some side stepping will facilitate the move. Important point - 

should try to avoid tripping Ladies!   Gents will repeat this move after 

Neighbor passes them.

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