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Mon Dec 29 09:47:55 PST 2008

Hi Jeff and SW:
Yes, this is mine and it is called Vote With Your Feet.  It's a timely question, as I've noticed several YouTube videos of it this year (thanks to Chris Page for pointing most of these out):
I use 4 beats for the Petronella, and if dancers don't do the claps, it will lead to the N4 allemande R being done across the phrase at A1/A2 and a N2 swing more like 10-12 beats.
The version below is the original version, written on 5/1/03.  When I wrote it, I realized the A1/A2 was unusual and deliberately choose a very simple B1, as it is good to play it safe when breaking in new ideas.  It's this version that was distributed early on and still gets used.  Since then, I've recognized that this dance is reserved for experienced audiences and that the original B1 is too easy for them.  So I know use:
B1.  8,8  Gents allemande L 1 1/2, 1/2 hey (PR, LL, N2R, GL)B2.  4,12  Partner balance, swing
I learned a lot writing this one, and it remains among my best efforts.
> Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 11:21:13 -0500> From: jeffrey.petrovitch at verizon.net> To: callers at sharedweight.net> Subject: [Callers] Name / Author Search> > Hey Everyone:> > I recently discovered this dance via a youtube video and wondering if > anyone knows the name and author of this dance.> > Becket Formation> > A1:> (4) Balance the ring> (2) Petronella twirl to the right> (2) Neighbor #1 pull-by left> (2) Neighbor #2 pull-by right> (2) Neighbor #3 pull-by left> (4) Neighbor #4 allemande right> > A2> (2) Neighbor #4 pull-by right> (2) Neighbor #3 pull-by left> (8) Neighbor #2 swing> > B1:> (8) Circle left 3/4> (8) Partner do-si-do> > B2:> (16) Partner balance and swing> > Thanks,> > Jeff> _______________________________________________> Callers mailing list> Callers at sharedweight.net> http://www.sharedweight.net/mailman/listinfo/callers
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