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   Here are a couple from me that work well for mixed crowds;

   Pearls of Wisdom     Improper, 12/7/02

   A1. Neighbor allemande R 1 1/2, gents allemande L 1 1/2

   A2. Partner balance, swing

   B1. Circle L 3/4, neighbor swing

   B2.  Balance, Petronella, balance, Petronella 1 1/2

   The Cure for the Claps     Improper, 8/17/03

   A1.  Balance, Petronella, partner swing

   A2.  Balance, Petronella, neighbor swing

   B1.  Down hall in line/4 - turn alone, up hall and bend line

   B2.  Circle L, Balance, California twirl

   This is one of those rare contras with no fractions.  Because of this
   dance many think I am anti-clap.  I actually like the claps, but only
   when going from ring to ring.  When going into a swing, star, or an
   allemande like the one above the claps gum up the works.  Petronellas
   are best when they are more than a positioning device, but use the
   momentum to flow into the next move.



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     >I would like to find a couple of fairly easy but interesting
     >with petronella spins in them somewhere.  I am going to call for an
     >mixed dance this weekend and would like to use this figure
     somewhere in the
     >program.  I have used "Maliza's Magical Mystery Motion" before but
     it seems
     >like it might be a little bit challenging if there are a lot of
     >Your suggestions would be appreciated.  If you can include or point
     me to
     >the transcription, that would also greatly help.
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