[Callers] New dances

Walter Daves walterdaves at alltel.net
Tue Sep 18 06:29:29 PDT 2007

I've composed three dances that I'd like to put out to the list for 
feedback.  I'd appreciate any comments you might have. 

Sadie and theBack door
Duple, Improper
Walter Daves

A1:  Neighbor gypsy and swing
A2:  Gents allemande left 1.5 to partner; partner swing
B1:  Gents start hey for 4, passing left shoulders in the center
B2:  Circle left 3 places; balance the ring; partner California twirl to 
face next

This dance was inspired by Jere Canote's tune of the same name about his 
cat, Sadie, who would meow at the front door to get out, then 
immediately go around to the back door and meow to get back in.  It 
works pretty well with that tune.

Nail That Catfish to the Tree
Duple, Improper
Walter Daves and Bob Dalsemer

A1:  In ring of 4, balance the ring; circle left 2 places; balance the 
ring; circle left two places, back to starting point.
A2:  Couple # 1 balance and swing
B1:  Neighbor do-si-do and swing; end facing down the hall with #2 
couple in the middle
B2:  Down the hall 4 in line, turn single, return, #2s arch and #1s duck 
thru to next.

To avoid the rush from B2 to the next A1, encourage the dancers to turn 
around after only 4 steps down the hall.
I wrote this dance 3 years ago at the John C. Campbell Folk School Dance 
Caller's workshop.  Bob Dalsemer made a couple of improvements. 

It was inspired by Steve Rosen's tune of the same name, and works well 
with that tune.  We play it in a medley with Squirrel Heads and Gravy, 
which also works well.

Little Nell
Duple, impoper
Walter Daves

Line up in a wavy line of 4, with ladies in the center
A1:  Balance the line; allemande right .5 to wavy line with gents in 
center;  balance the line;
       Gents allemande left to partner
A2:  Partner balance and swing
B1:  Ladies allemande right 1.5 to neighbor; neighbor swing
B2:  Circle left; balance the circle; ladies roll away to change places 
with partner; pass thru to next

Inspired by Tony Mates' tune of the same name.

*/ / *

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