[Callers] wireless mic recommendations

Richard Hart rich at harts.mv.com
Tue Oct 2 06:37:04 PDT 2007

Beth Parkes remarked on 10/1/2007 5:06 PM:
> ...  Before buying, be 
> absolutely sure to visit the Shure web site and get the list of frequencies 
> for use in your area. The transmitter/receivers use the same frequencies as 
> TV stations and shure will get you a set that are less likely to be in 
> conflict. 
> HTH,
> Beth Parkes
Does this mean that the wireless mics use the same frequencies that TV 
stations use to broadcast analog TV signals? I haven't looked into this 
at all. Does this mean that we might expect problems with our wireless 
mics in 2009 after the analog TV spectrum has been sold by the FCC when 
TV broadcasts are completely digital and move to a new spectrum? At that 
point the analog TV spectrum is supposed to be sold to the likes of 
Google, Verizon and others for wireless internet communications, among 
other things. Should we expect our wireless receivers to begin to pick 
up blasts of digital noise after 2009?
After a brief search, it looks like the answer to my question might be 
yes. The Shure microphones currently operate in the frequency range used 
by UHF TV channels, 17-83. The future use of the frequencies used by 
these mics is at best unclear, at least to me. You might want to ask 
Shure and do a little research to see what problems, if any, you might 
expect after 2009 when that frequency range has been sold for other uses.


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