[Callers] A New Dance

Bob Isaacs isaacsbob at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 14 18:19:42 PDT 2007

To All;
With the premission of the author, I'd like to share a new and interesting dance;
The Boomerang Effect      Becket-L      Roger Auman
A1.  8  Ladies chain to N1
      8  R diagonal ladies chain to Sh1
A2.  4  Give and take to gent's side      (1)
     12  N2 swing
B1.  8  L diagonal R and L through
      8  Star L 3/4                               (2)
B2. 16  Partner gypsy and swing
(1) - Give and takes to a neighbor are rare, but Roger makes the correct choice here.  The natural circle L 3/4, N2 swing creates a sharp change of direction on the R diagonal/circle L transition.
(2) - All start the star across from a second shadow.
The neat part of this dance is that on the R and L through all pass their partner, only to boomerang back to them later on.  As far as I know, the passing your partner on a L diagonal R and L through is new.
Roger Auman is a longtime dancer and up-and-coming caller from Philadelphia.  He's written some other good ones, and if interested, you can contact him at the email on the CC line.
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