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Chris Page chriscpage at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 22:42:02 PDT 2007

On 10/6/07, Lisa Sieverts <lisa at lisasieverts.com> wrote:
> How about we share some dances WITHOUT a circle? Sometimes I think
> every dance in my repertoire has a circle left.
> Lisa

There's a lot of dances without circle left -- I keep
a list of which of the dances in my collection don't
have a circle left. I'm tempted some evening to do a
circle-less evening till the last dance, have the last
dance be a no-walkthrough, but announce I need to teach
one new complicated figure. And then proceed to teach
circle left.

Most traditional dances are circle-less. There seems to
be a period of time when circles weren't a standard
contra dance figure.

Some of the better-known dances that weren't in Bob's list:
(one of these might have a circle, but most of them shouldn't)

Apothecary Reel (Ted Sanella)
Box the Compass (Tony Saletan)
The Broken Mirror (Bill Olson)
CDS Reel (Ted Sannella) (though it has the whole set circling)
Chorus Jig!
Coray's Silver Jubilee (Carol Ormand, 4-face-4)
Dance All Night (Rick Mohr, 4-face-4)
A Delicate Balance (David Smukler)
Ellen's Yarns (Rick Mohr)
Fairport Harbor (Paul Balliet)
Fast Living (David Kirchner, 4-face-4)
Flirtation Reel (Tony Parkes)
Goodman's Fancy (Rich Castner)
Hearts and Flowers (Ted Sannella)
Hey in the Barn (Chart Guthrie)
Hickman's Hey (Unknown)
Hillsboro Jig (Bill Thomas)
Jubilation (Gene Hubert)
Lady of the Lake/Haymaker's Jig
O'Brien's Star (Becky Mill)
Pell-Mell Reel (Gene Hubert)
Poetry in Motion (Lisa Greenleef)
Princeton Petronella (Bob Isaacs)
Rant and Roar (Russel Owen)
The Ritz (Gene Hubert)
Rory O' More
Shadrack's Delight (Tony Parkes)
Southern Swing (Steve Zakon-Anderson)
Swing Your Jenny (Unknown)
Treasure of the Sierra Madre (James Hutson)
Whoosh (Becky Hill)
Yankee Reel (Ted Sannella)

-Chris Page
San Diego

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