[Callers] Dances without circles

Bob Hofkin bhofkin at baltwirl.com
Sat Oct 6 17:34:06 PDT 2007

Lisa Sieverts wrote:
> How about we share some dances WITHOUT a circle? Sometimes I think  
> every dance in my repertoire has a circle left.

I have my dance collection organized so I can search for dances with (or 
without) almost any features (hey, being a computer nerd comes in handy 
every once in a while). My collection lists these (relatively few) 
circle-free dances:

Improper formation

A Pirate's Life for Me (variant)
Ben's Brilliance
Box the Gnat Contra
"CJ's Delight (or ""The Birthing Day"")"
Daybreak Reel
Dr. Brown's Prescription
End is the Beginning, The
Friday Night Fever
Generation Gap
Get Me Going
Heritage Reel
Kitchen Stomp
Marian's Delight
Martha's Choice
May Day!
Moon Beam
More Again
Movin' at the Merc #2
Nova Nova Scotian
Pedal Pushers
Renegade Rollaway
Retrograde Motion
Roll Down
Rollin and Tumblin
Rose Tree
Run, Honey
Salmonella Evening
Spin the Top Contra
Spoot the Dog
Square and Fair
Summer of 'Eighty-Four
Ten Strings Attached
Thanks to the Gene
Thornburner's Reel
Through and Through
Trip To Kernersville
Trip to Lambertville
Twenty-Fourth of June
Two for the Show
Volcano in a Prism

Becket formation

Angular Momentum
Another Excuse to Swing
Becket Reel
Entranced (variant)
Fairport Harbor
Presto Petronella
Rollaway Sue
Syracuse Swing
There is No Way to Peace; Peace is the Way
Turn Becket Corners
Twenty-Fourth of October
Dance Named Robert, A
Maliza's Magical Mystery Motion

Proper Formation

Durang's Hornpipe
Half Awake
Let's Get Right to It
Third of July


That's another fine message you've gotten us in.

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