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   Hi Jeffrey and SW;

   A couple more from me.  The first is the twin on the one Rich and
   Chris mentioned, with partner and neighbor swing switched;

   On Top of the Whirled     Becket-R

   A1.  Gents allemande L 1 1/2 - scoop up neighbor

         Star promenade, butterfly whirl

   A2.  Ladies gypsy R, neighbor swing

   B1.  R and L through

        On R diagonal new ladies allemande R 1 1/2 - scoop up partner

   B2.  Star promenade, butterfly whirl into partner swing

   In B1 while the ladies allemande the gents need to slide 2-3 steps to
   the L to be scooped, and just like Bevy, star prom with the lady's L
   arm on top.

   The next one is brand new, although it looks like it could have been
   written before.  I have been unable to find it in the usual
   references, but if someone knows of this let us know;

   Trip to Mansfield     Improper

   A1.  Neighbor balance, swing

   A2.  Circle L 3/4, partner swing

   B1.  Gents allemande L 1 1/2 - scoop up neighbor, star promenade,
   butterfly whirl

   B2.  Hey (LR, PL, GR, NL)

   Switching the swings here gives a dance similar to Heart of Glass.
   This was written for a medley contest for the upcoming NEFFA festival
   in Mansfield, MA.  Even with tihs dance, my medley wasn't selected -
   better ones by Lynn Ackerson and Bob Golder got the nod.  But I'm
   happy to lose any contest if it means writing one like this.

   Bob Isaacs

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     >Here are a few.  Bevy of Butterflies is a wonderful dance that has
     two star promenades.  I don't have "Through the Looking Glass"
     >Bevy of Butterflies - Bob Isaacs and Chris Page        Improper
     >A1:      (Next) Gent alle left 1 1/2, Scoop up partner
     >             w/Partner Star prom across, butterfly twirl
     >  A2:      Ladies gypsy right 1x
     >             Partner swing
     >B1:      R/L thru across, Ladies alle right 1 1/2
     >B2:      Ladies Scoop up Neighbor (with ladys arm on top)
     >             Star prom, across, Neighbor swing
     >  Carols Delight Tom Hinds (1990)        Becket
     >A1:      Ladies alle right 1 1/2
     >             Scoop up N for Star Prom 1/2, Butterfly twirl*
     >A2:      Gents alle left 1 1/2, Partner Swing
     >B1:      Circle left left 3/4, pass thru, swing next
     >B2:      LLFB, Ladies Chain
     >*Gents walk fwd, ladies back up
     >Heart of Glass - Cary Ravitz       Becket
     >A1:      Circle Left 3/4, pass thru across
     >             Neighbor swing
     >A2:       Gents Alle Left 1 1/2
     >             Star promenade across
     >B1:      Full Hey (Ladies st pass rt sh)
     >B2:      Partner Balance and Swing
     >Pedal Pushers - Bob Dalsemer         Improper
     >A1:      Gents Alle Left 1 1/2, Scoop Up Partner
     >             Star Promenade, Butterfly Twirl
     >A2:      Ladies Dosido, Partner Swing (form ring)
     >B1:      Ring Balance, Pass Thru Across the Set
     >             Face Rt, Single File Prom 3 places,
     >                                     Gents turn back &...
     >B2:      Neighbor Balance & Swing

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