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Jack Mitchell jamitch3 at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 6 06:13:42 PST 2006

I think that this is a great way to split up the different parts of 
teaching a hey, but don't forget about the second part.
(1st -- weaving, 2nd -- getting turned around and coming back in)

The main thing that people seem to have trouble with on the hey is 
the loop out on the end and coming back in 1) on time and 2) not 
early (and running into someone) and 3) passing the correct shoulder.

If I've got huge numbers of beginners, one thing that I have used 
that works well (takes more time than you're generally going to want 
to take if most of the group is experienced) -- also great for the 
beginners session -- is:

[On the side of the set with your partner]

1) Men stay still; women pass right in the center, pass the man by 
the left on the outside (and walk around him to) pass women in the 
center, pass the man by the left on the outside.  Go Home.


2)  Women stay still; men pass right in the center, pass lady by the 
left (and walk around her to) pass man by right in the center, pass 
lady by the left on the outside and go home (have to fudge it a 
little here, because the men will end up on the wrong side)


3) Tell them that this is the movement they're doing for a Hey -- 
just all at the same time.  Women lead by passing right in the 
center.  As soon as they pas the men by the left on the outside, the 
men start.  Don't forget to do the loops around as if those men or 
women were standing there on the outside!


At 08:15 AM 11/6/2006, you wrote:
>I'd like to put in a vote for using a half hey instead of a full hey
>when teaching new dancers. I think the dancers get the sense of the
>move, and it's so short that they don't have time to get scared. It
>also means that we as callers don't have to say so many words, which
>most new dancers can't listen to anyway.
>The most important thing is that they need to begin the hey with
>someone other than their partner. If the hey begins with their
>partner, then the odds are high that they will never figure it out.
>Lisa Sieverts
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