[Callers] Medford Thursday Night, Mad Robbin

Bob Isaacs isaacsbob at hotmail.com
Mon May 22 08:32:30 PDT 2006

   To all;

   Just to clear this up, there are actually two dances that go
   together.  The first one was;

   Kitch as Kitch Can   Improper/Bob Isaacs

   A1.  4,4  Neighbor balance, box the gnat - face partner

           8   Mad Robin

   A2.   8   Gents allemande L 1 1/2

           8   1/2 hey (PR, LL, NR, GL)

   B1.  16  Partner gypsy and swing

   B2.   8   Ladies chain to neighbor

          8   Star L

   After writing this I realized it was very much in Jim's style.  A few
   weeks after I called it for him, he came up with Mirror, Mirror, which
   is similar except it has a neighbor swing.  We both like the box the
   gnat/Mad Robin transition - it is easier to look at your partner
   knowing where your neighbor is.


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     >On May 19, 2006, at 5:49 PM, Dan Black wrote:
     > > Jim Kitch has many dances but I don't think that Mirror
     > > Mirror is one of his.
     >Oh, it is a Jim Kitch dance. I wrote Bob to tell him how
     >much I liked it, thinking it was his, and he told me it was Jim's.
     >-- Lisa
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