[Callers] spiking the 'booking ahead'

Lisa Greenleaf laleaf at verizon.net
Thu May 18 08:38:02 PDT 2006

On May 18, 2006, at 10:25 AM, Seth Tepfer wrote:

> * model good behavior [especially after Lisa called me out at  
> SnowBall, 2004!]

What did I do?  Can't remember.....

We have the same problem in Boston and we're
talking about it (no info yet).  Personally, I make a point
of not booking ahead when we have extra men,
as is often the case here. I actually say,"I'm not
booking any dances ahead because there are lots of men sitting out."

FYI: a lot of dancers hate being manipulated by the
post-mixer "and keep this partner for the next dance...."
Dancing with friends is a very important motivator for
people to come to dances, so they want choice in the matter
of who there next partner is.

Often after I've called a square I'll say, "STOP! If you got to
dance this square, please find someone sitting out
for the next dance."   That tends to work pretty well because they
tend to hold the square formation until I tell them what's happening  
so they are sitting ducks for that kind of instruction.  It also  
means the
applause for the band gets cut off, but I just make sure the band
gets their due later.

If I call at private dance parties for experienced dancers, I request  
dancers not book ahead, and I ask the hosts to post signs to that  
People are good about it, which is nice.

-- Lisa

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