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Wed Aug 2 19:57:24 PDT 2006


I'll support what others have said. If it's a true family dance,  
don't expect to do any contras at all. There are plenty of fun dances  
that will make sure that everyone feels successful.
Here are some more:

Longways set for as many as will. Any 2/4 tune will do.
from Dudley Laufman

1. All swing partners, (2 hand swing, or elbow hook swings).
2. Top cpl sashay down the middle and back while everyone clap
3. Everyone make a bridge, same cpl dance under bridge to bottom and  
stay there.

Repeat til all have been top cpl.  If very long lines, you might have  
two or even three cpls dance down at once.

Trains (from Marian Rose)
longways sets, 6-8 couples

1. All face front, hold inside hands with partner, place outside hand  
on shoulder of person in front, forward 4 and back 4
2. forward 4 and back 4

3&4. first set leads around the second train
5&6. second train leads around the first train

7&8. Couples from an arch, top couple through the arch to the bottom

La Bastringue - LKS version
circle of partners, facing center   MIXER  *FAMILY*

1. F&B	2. F&B

3. Circle LEFT
4. Circle RIGHT

5. keep walking, ladies tap gent in front of them

7&8. Promenade new Partner

Jubilee Rag
FAMILY longways sets of 4-5 couples

1. partner allemand RIGHT 1
2. partner allemande LEFT 1x

3. do si do partner by right
4. do si do partner by left

5&6. top couple sashay down and back

7. top couple lead down the middle, rest cast IN to follow
8. at bottom, top couple make an arch, all through and UP the outside  
to place

Welsh Circle Dance
circle of partners

1a. Shake RIGHT hands with P 4x (... shake shake shake shake)
1b. Shake LEFT hands with P 4x
2a. Clap own hands 4 times
2b. Clap partner’s hands 4 times

3. With partner, sashay 4 steps into the center and back out
4. Repeat

5. Allemande right 1 or 2x
6. Allemande left 1 or 2x

7&8. Promenade (could progress here by having the women move back one)

Cat and Mouse (5-6 couples per set. Might fall off the phrase)
longways sets
PROPER (cat on left, mouse on right)

1. F&B
2. Top couple sashay down & back

3. Top couple cast and lead their line down the outside ("peel the  
4. Top couple arch, all under the arch back to place

5. Top couple “cat and mouse”: cat up the center, mouse up the  
outside of mice line, then
6. Mouse down the center, cat down the outside of cat’s line

7&8. All partner swing

Kids Chaos Mixer #3 Chrissy Fowler
*FAMILY* scattered couple

1. set of 4, Circle Left
2. Circle Right

3. Right hand star
4. Left hand star

5. Neighbor two hand turn
6. Partner two hand turn

7&8. With PARTNER promenade to new couple

Chicken Dance (needs the named tune)
Reel du Canard

1a. 4x beak (hands like a beak)
1b. 4x wings (arms bent like wings)
1c. 4x waddles (hips back and forth)
1d. 4 claps
and repeat 3 more times

5&6. Circle Left
7&8. Circle Right

Do the first part faster each time through the tune.

Circassian Circle 	Paul Rosenberg
circle of couples facing in *FAMILY*
ask them to self identify as either moon or star!

1. F&B
2. F&B

3. Women (Stars) in, 2, 3 CLAP
4. Men (Moons) in, 2, 3 CLAP

5. do-si-do partner
6. two hand turn partner

7&8. Promenade; form circle

Tall, Short		Kathryn Larsen *FAMILY*

1&2. Circle RIGHT

3&4. Circle LEFT

5. Short people in, 2, 3, CLAP
6. Tall people in, 2, 3, CLAP

7. Short people in, circle RIGHT on the inside, Tall people on the  
outside, circle LEFT
8. Switch gears, Circle LEFT on the inside and RIGHT on the outside

music stop at random

short people turn around and elbow swing someone on the outside

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