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Hi Gale,
Here's a variety of stuff.  Good luck.

Scatter mixer
'Borrowdale Exchange'
3 couples in a circle. Scatter mixer. Difficulty: 1
.	A1: All circle L and R. 
.	A2: Into the middle and back; do-si-do partner. 
.	B1: Right-hand star holding hands with person opposite and with
nobody else, then undo the star: the woman whose hand is lowest goes under
(others arch), then the next. Keep hold of the hands. 
.	B2: Promenade around and make new sets. 
The person I got this dance from said its real name was something else, but
he liked calling it Borrowdale Exchange. Seems to be a variant on Kentucky

Scatter mixer
The Barn Mixer
By Rick Mohr; August, 1986
Mixer, Scattered 4's
Level: Easy
A1:	Circle left (8)
Right hand star (8)
A2:	Right and left through (8)
Dosido neighbor (8)
B1:	Balance and swing neighbor (16)
(This is your new partner)
B2:	Promenade anywhere with new partner (16)
(Find another couple to circle with)
Bill Olson (fine caller from Maine and all-around great guy) points out that
doing a Maine-style right and left through (with hands) in the A2 makes for
a nice transition out of the right hand star. Thanks, Bill! 

A bit harder because of the right and left through, but it really doesn't
matter if they get that right

Circle Mixer 
January Mixer
by Bob Dalsemer
Formation: circle of couples facing promenade direction
A1: Promenade as couples
A2: Gents continue single file, ladies turn back single file (8) Everybody
turn back (8), pass partner
B1: Allemande left the next (8) allemande right the same (8)
B2: Do-si-do the same (8) swing the same
Composed January 8, 1998 in preparation for a dance with a lot of newcomers.
I needed a sure fire mixer like Atlantic Mixer, but with a more certain
progression to a new partner. 

I have used this a lot.  The ladies turn back and the all turn backs give
some trouble, but everyone gets it pretty quickly

Set dance
	6-7 couples in a set
A1	Ladies line skips all the way around the men's line 
A2	Men do the same (if the ladies are late getting around, the gents
can 	still start on time, just make a larger loupe to avoid the ladies) 
B1	Top couple only sashay down - past the bottom of the set, and back
to 	the bottom of the set. (there is a new top couple now.)
B2	All sashay down and back

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