[Callers] The heat

Lisa Greenleaf laleaf at verizon.net
Wed Jul 27 09:02:45 PDT 2005

>   Here are some of the moves that I
> find give the dancers a short breather:
> -Allemande 1 1/2
> -Men/Women do-si-do
> -Ones-only swing
> My last thought is that double progression dances should be avoided, so
> as to give dancers that 64-beat rest at the top and bottom.

I'd add:
Men Al L 1-1/2 :-)
Gypseys (no touching)
Heys (ditto)
I often change wrist grip stars to hands across stars
Dances in which both the 1s and 2s get to swing at different times:

Tecumseh   DI Dillon Bustin
A1 2s fig 8 up; 2s swing (below 1s)
A2 Circle L, Circle R
B1 1s 1/2 fig 8 down; 1s swing (above 2s)
B2 Down 4 and keep facing down; Back up for 4,
1s arch, 2s thru

Now on paper, the above looks like a dull dance,  but I collected it 
while dancing
at a very hot folk festival some years ago and found it most satisfying!

Dogleaf Reel  Proper  LG  Note: need moderate tempo (marches are good)
A1 Circle L once;1s swing above 2s
A2 Down 4, turn as couple (or alone if really hot--it doesn't matter);
Up and fold the line so you face Neighbor up and down (gives more room)
B1 Bal and Sw N
B2 1s 1/2 fig 8 Up; 2s Swing (above 1s), face up

When it's really hot and humid I notice that good hand grips are hard 
to come by
because everyone is a bit slippery, so I try and avoid Roll Aways and 


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