[Callers] Calling for community dances

Linda A. Leslie laleslierjg at comcast.net
Thu Oct 21 18:34:44 PDT 2004

I have been reading the notes from the group with great interest! It is
wonderful to see the ideas and suggestions that are being shared. Jenna
asked about resources for calling community dances. The Amidons have
published some wonderful books, with accompanying CDs (Jump Jim Joe and
Listen to the Mockingbird). In addition, Dudley Laufman has published White
Mountain Reel, and Marian Rose has published Step Lively.  CDSS has them in

Although it may seem that calling to children and to community groups might
be the easy evening, I have found that these type groups are actually quite
challenging! The same goes for calling one night stands for all adults
(parties, weddings, etc.). A caller's repertoire needs to be extensive, and
the caller needs to be very flexible and creative...often on the spur of the
moment! The experience and skills are quite different, compared to calling a
contra/square dance that is a regularly scheduled event. So my advice would
be to start with the usual contra dances, gain experience and comfort, and
move on to children's groups/one night stands once you feel confident as a

I have a large collection of dances that I use for these groups, including
some for wheel chair bound folks! Collecting them, and writing them has
given me a great deal of satisfaction. Once you are ready, I will be glad to
share dances, and more thoughts about these types of events.

Looking forward to other thoughts! Linda

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