[Callers] New Caller Evaluation Forms

Lisa Greenleaf greeny at rcn.com
Tue Dec 7 13:52:16 PST 2004

This is the form I brought to the dance.  It is based on an idea I got from
Linda Leslie, who used feedback forms at an open mic session she hosted at
Pinewoods two years ago.

The form allows direct, honest feedback without having to speak in public or
feel confrontational.  Some of the dancers just wrote one or two words of
encouragement, while others wrote articulate and helpful critiques.

As the producer of the dance, I had already met with the the three callers,
so the "dance choice" question wasn't really pertinent, but I forgot to
change it before making up the copies.  I put two forms on each page
and cut each page in half to save paper.

Ideally, one would receive feedabck for every dance called, but that
obviously interrupts the flow of an evening (although Sue and I managed to
scribble our thoughts down after each dance).

I also had a samll sign indicating the names and order of callers so folks
would know who was who.

Here's the unformatted form (on the real form, there was
spacing after each line).

Caller Name                            Dance Name
Dance choice
Teaching skills
Vocal Quality/Presence
Other comments


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